How to Become a Fishing Guide in 7 Steps
Often times, when people want to learn how to start fishing, they enlist the services of a fishing guide. A fishing guide is a person who takes fishing newbies out sometimes on a boat, to show and teach them how to fish. Even without being enlisted to help a newbie, fishing guides go out almost… (0 comment)

How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing?
To be able to catch a large number of fishes at a particular period, you need to know the factors that affect the fish’s availability in the upper part of the river or sea. Every angler knows that the weather determines greatly whether your fishing adventure is going to go well or not. The atmospheric… (0 comment)

How to Tie Braided Fishing Line — A Complete Guide
Over the years, the braided fishing line has become very popular among fishermen. In certain fishing conditions, fishing lines of this sort are effective and are very strong. However, they do have some disadvantages that exceed their advantages, sometimes. Before we get into how to tie braided fishing line, we should mention that braids are… (0 comment)

How to Make a Fishing Net in 8 Detailed Steps
No doubt, a lover of fishing will want to get very familiar with his tools. In as much as these tools can be gotten from a local fishing store, the knowledge and experience of making them by yourself is enjoyable and productive. In many parts of the world, fishing lovers make their fishing nets. Learning… (0 comment)